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We are an online one-stop-shop to easily create a collaborative, physical book of letters and photos that you can give as a gift on any important occasion.

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Choose Someone to Celebrate

Invite friends, family and colleagues.


Contributors Submit Letters

Heart-felt appreciation, photos, stories, sentiments.

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We make a Beautiful Book

Once-in-a-lifetime, truly meaningful gift.

Perfectly priced

Perfectly Priced

We offer an simple split payment option so that the entire group an contribute a small amount towards the gift. The books are easy AND inexpensive to create, and will have the biggest impact over any other gift!

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About Us

In every personal or professional group, there are beloved people who we want to celebrate.

From weddings and birthdays, to company and schools events, every day there are millions of challenging, friction-filled efforts to find and prepare a once-in-a-lifetime gift, especially for big occaions. The problems can be extensive: personal gifts require a lot of time and talent. Meningful and authentic sentiment is hard to express. People are scattered across geography and very difficult to coordinate.

We created LettersTo because we wanted to make it easier to show appreciation to the people we care about in a creative and beautiful way that doesn't require a lot of time or resources. A LettersTo book is the most impactful gift you can give today. We leverage technology to foster human connection and bring groups of people together arond a special occasion. It's not just a high-quality treasured keepsake book, it's an experience.

About us
The team

The Team

The LettersTo team consists of creatives, designers and developers from the US, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Philippines, and Romania. We are committed to bringing people together through a delightful online experience and create the gift that truly keeps on giving.